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  • Wasp and Carpenter Bee removal

  • Carpenter Ant/Ant Elimination

  • ​Mouse Exclusion- We don't bait the problem, we FIX IT!

  • ​Attic Dusting
  • ​Quarterly Service

  • Bimonthly Service

  • ​Monthly Service

  • ​One Time Service

  • Tri Annual Service

  • Bi Annual Service


More Than Just Pest Control

  Denton Pest Control does more than simply spray your house, plug mouse entry points, and eliminate your pests. We make it easy for home owners by having friendly, knowledgeable technicians that can work around your busy schedule. This takes not only a keen eye for detail, but also extensive knowledge of the biology and habits of bugs.


  Denton Pest Control employs only the most well versed, well rounded, and experienced pest control technicians in the business. You will absolutely appreciate the work we do for you, whether it's getting rid of your mouse issue, eliminating that big wasp nest, or visiting every three months for your quarterly maintenance program.


  At Denton Pest Control we treat what we do as a form of art: we're skilled, honest, refreshing, and unique.

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